Horsemanship Clinics

Horsemanship, not Forcemanship.

Horsemanship is the art and science of being with, handling, training and riding horses with an understanding of how the horse sees the world. In this way, horsemanship is very much a mindfulness practice. As equestrians it is important to approach the horse in a way that he/she understands, this might mean we have to change our approach in communicating with our horse, especially when problems arise. 

Do you have trouble loading your horse onto a trailer?

Do you have trouble getting your horse to stand still for mounting?

Is your horse nippy or frequently known to bite? 

Is your horse spooky or fearful? 

Does your horse run from you in the field?

All of the above situations, and many more, can be addressed by implementing mindful horsemanship practices. 

If you are unsure how to approach communication barriers between you and your horse, without using force, to improve your relationship and address problem areas, then these horsemanship clinics are for you. 

During these clinics, master instructor/clinician, Jim McDonald will work with participants either under saddle or on the ground to address communication barriers that are impacting your relationship with your horse and show you techniques that you can use to change your approach and build a stronger bond with your horse.

Professional horse training, clinics and behavioral consulting in Maryland

Horse training and problem-solving are some of the most important work I do, because these activities help establish trusting and joyful lifelong relationships between horses and their humans.

Horse training and problem-solving

Whether your goal is to gentle a green horse or work out the kinks in a longstanding partnership, I can help. At your location or mine, we can work together to build trust, create calm interactions, and leverage the natural inclinations of horses as prey animals to teach new skills and extinguish problem behaviors.

I can help you better understand your horse’s behaviors and resolve them for good. Request a consultation below.

Schedule a clinic at your facility

Gather up to 12 of your barn friends, your trail-riding companions, teammates or boarders and I can customize a full- or half-day horsemanship clinic specifically for your needs and goals.

I conduct customized horsemanship clinics all over the Mid-Atlantic covering topics ranging from the basics of horsemanship to addressing very specific behavioral issues.

Full-day clinics typically include a symposium session in the morning, a break for lunch, then we tack up, mount up and apply what we learned all afternoon – leaving plenty of time for questions and exploration. Unmounted auditors are always welcome.

Horsemanship for Harmony Clinics

These horsemanship clinics provide all participants with a practical and fascinating foundation in the principles of equine behavioral science and learning theory – principles you can apply to every interaction with your horse.
Learn to read your horse and improve your feel for what the horse needs and when he needs it
Learn how to create a calm horse that wants to be with you and do what you ask
Improve your connection with your horse and enhance your partnership

Specialty Clinics

I can tailor your on-site clinic to cover just about any topic or situation, these are just a few examples:

Trail obstacles

Love trail riding and want your horse to enjoy it too? This clinic will teach you how to get your horse to safely and confidently cross water, go over logs and small obstacles, and to respond more calmly to the unexpected things that come up along the trail.

Safety from the horse’s eye-view

Ideal for young riders and beginners, learning the “why” of safe horsemanship helps it stick for a lifetime. We’ll cover safe practices from how to halter your horse out in the field to leading, tying up, tacking up, sharing the ring, and a host of other situations that can quickly become dangerous if you don’t respect your horse’s instincts.

When you understand how horses see the world, your horse will feel safer around you, and you’ll be safer around your horse.


Call or text me at (410) 627-4243 to discuss your clinic or workshop needs.


Horse Clinics